Edge of the World: Photos of SoCal’s Skate, Beach and Punk Scenes, 1969 – 1982

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For countless fans, the names of the independent record labels that released so much of the most urgent and most original punk, hardcore and post-punk of the 1980s and ’90s are as familiar as the bands they first signed, recorded and unleashed on the world. Just glimpsing, say, a Homestead, Twin/Tone, Rough Trade, Matador or Lookout logo immediately brings to mind bands as diverse as Sebadoh, the Replacements, the Pixies, Guided by Voices, the Fall, Mudhoney, Green Day, Gang Green, the Lyres, the Misfits and a thousand other long-gone and, in a few improbable cases, still-thriving acts.

Then there was Greg Ginn’s SST Records. With albums, EPs and singles from bands like Black Flag, the Minutemen, Soundgarden, the Meat Puppets, Sonic Youth and the mighty, indispensable Hüsker Dü, SST was arguably the most influential indie label of them all.

Now, the main man behind so many of SST’s greatest records — a musician, producer and engineer who goes…

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New trending GIF tagged cat skateboard skate park…

25 Nov

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New trending GIF tagged cat, skateboard, skate park, animals riding skateboards via http://ift.tt/1xG3clH

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Rebel8 Reppin’

25 Nov

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Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot for renowned street clothing line, Rebel8.

it's me, (B). shot by @kingstonphoto

it’s me, (B). shot by @kingstonphoto

In the car-ride to the shoot’s location, I practically interviewed the photographer (@kingstonphoto) about the history of the company and its founders. Come to find out, Rebel8 is an inspirational rags to riches story about a guy with an idea and a dedication to a lifestyle.

Rebel8 - Header

In 2003, founder Joshy D. started Rebel8 with only $500 and a bag of printed tees designed by good friend, Mike Giant. Yeah, the legendary tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant. Yes, THAT Mike Giant.

Mike Giant

Mike Giant

Fast-forward to just over ten years later and hours upon hours of hard work, and Rebel8 is an internationally known street-wear company heavily inspired by the tattoo, skateboard, and graffiti cultures of the West Coast. But its not just any street-wear company; Rebel8 is one…

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#OriginalSkateboards Arbiter 36 and Baffle 37 Longboards in Minnesota

17 Nov

Watch Tony Hawk Ride A Hoverboard

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Tony Hawk actually rides a real hoverboard this time!

Technology on the way!

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How Afghan girls learn and create through skateboarding #skateistan

15 Nov

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It took me a while to come up with a good post. Hard to beat the previous one on Coca Cola :)

First, I was going to get grumpy about a marketing text I received from Specsavers and how they should really review their communication approach. Then I wanted to tell a story of a new impact food brand from US that I discovered, Enjoy Life (those with multiple allergies may be familiar with it). But then I saw this amazing video (below) and heard about this project (thank you, A Girl’s Guide To Taking Over The World) and it’s easily the best impact project I’ve heard of.

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3 Nov

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Always nice to the inside….

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2Pac At Primitive

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The Primitive Skateboarding x 2Pac official collaboration deck is available now at http://primitiveskate.com/products/2pacdeck, and will be hitting shops in early November.


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Skateboarding Fails

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Ouch, ouch, ouch!

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A Guide to Longboarding

22 Oct

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Oh look at me, I’m so fancy on my longboard. Gosh aren’t I just the coolest. Says my internal monologue – Never.

It’s the same when people talk about surfing. Yeah in my mind I look the real deal but in reality, you look less like beach babezzz and more like a wet animal stuffed into a sausage casing. Sometimes I get into conversations with people who are like ‘oh you can longboard’ and I’ll skirt around the subject like ‘sorry what was that? I’m sort of deaf in my right and left ear’. Or if I’m on a date with them this is usually my cue to dive in for the pash to avoid having to really answer that at all.

You see, I have mastered longboarding. I have mastered it in that I can get from A to B – without falling off. And sometimes not even that.

I’ll break…

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