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What’s Your Longboard Riding Style? – Tricks Get Applause, Style Gets Respect

Originally posted on Longboards USA:

Longboarding is fun and what you do on your board is just limited by your own imagination (and some physics), but much is possible.

There are many ways to ride your longboard. Understanding what you want to do on your board will help to pick the board most appropriate one for that activity.  Sometimes you might find out you really need 2 or more board to optimize your ride, but lets start figuring out your main style first.

Many riding styles morph into each other and most people enjoy and ride multiple styles.
Some of the separation is kind of artificial, however each style has some characteristics which set them aside from the others.

In general you see 4 main riding styles, which are:

  • Cruising
  • Freestyle
  • Free ride
  • Downhill

Cruising is the activity most longboarders start out with. You go around town, the campus, sidewalk or wherever you have some…

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Teen skateboards into traffic, hit by car in Statesville

Originally posted on myfox8.com:

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A teenager has life-threatening injuries after authorities said a rode a skateboard into traffic and was hit by a car Saturday in Statesville.

WSOC reported that the 13-year-old victim was going down a steep hill and went into traffic at about 11:30 a.m.

The teenager was hit by a car in an intersection and airlifted to the hospital, according to police.

Police are still investigating, but the driver is not likely to face charges. Police said the teen was from out of town and staying with family in the area.

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Which Shape Is Your Longboard Riding Style?

Originally posted on Longboards USA:

Your riding style is determined by how you ride your longboard.
when you know your style you can start to pick a shape. Luckily there are many shapes for every style.

Last time we wrote about the styles in “What’s Your Longboard Riding Style? – Tricks Get Applause, Style Gets Respect” so this time we look at the board shapes.

Boards are available in hundreds if not thousands of shapes, and every month it seems new ones are added. Shaping a boards is something many people enjoy and for one-offs pretty easy to do.  Weird and crazy shapes are available like boards in the shape of one of the 50 US states, as a rockets or thunderbolt, from triangles and rectangles to batman logos and so on (some example on our Pinterest board: different shaped longboards. You can probably find several shapes you really like.

Let’s stick to…

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Mass. teen re-adjusts after brain injury from skateboard accident

#ZBoard 2: The Most Advanced Electric #Skateboard

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The Story of the ZBoard2

Enjoy the story? How about trying to win a Zboard2 for yourself! Interested? ENTER HERE

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Lucero’s always coming with the rad stuff! That El’ Gato’s sick!

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January Sale

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Make sure to order your UNited tee and beanie, now on special for $25 for both. Send us a message and we’ll get them out to you asap. Keep supporting the independant brands.

UNited Riders Tee and Beanie

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Justin Laganson Released One Of The Best Skate Parts In The Midwest, Filmed by Spencer Burdock [VIDEO]

Originally posted on Ohio Streets:

Better Luck Next Time was an amazing skate video put together by Cleveland’s own Spencer Burdock.Each part was unique and stellar, but there’s no doubt that Justin Laganson came with banger after banger after banger. Happy Belated Birthday Justin! Keep killing it. Watch his BLNT part here

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Give Back To The Skateboard Scene By Purchasing The Limited SkateRTA & PSG Collaboration

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Public Square Group and SkateRTA are both based out of Cleveland, Ohio. These guys help keep the skateboard scene alive by teaching lessons, hosting events, helping fund the new downtown skate park and so much more. They have just announced that they are collaborating for a limited edition collection and 100% of the profits made will go to continuing events and supporting the future of skateboarding.

10882025_619096791549296_149107331_nSkateboarding changed my life for the better growing up and I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I know it does the same for many young people today as well, so help it continue to grow by purchasing this limited package for just $100 HERE

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When you can taste the results and not even get a bite! Venice Skatepark, Venice CA

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BlakeBlake was a ‘lil kid, actually not even alive when I undertook the task of building a sk8prk in Venice, CA. I woud tell his dad all about it. Well here are the result(s) Sky, wind, sea, rider and all the microscopic or intangible elements mix together to create a version of human paridise!

Each time I see an image like this it makes every ounce of work and energy worth thye effort! Blake’s carrer is going sky high and the park allows many to express themselves and sk8 as they wish. Happy New Year one and all and keep on sk8n!


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