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Sidewalk footage from House Girls Night

Originally posted on GIRL SKATE UK:

The girls only night at the House Skatepark in Sheffield went down a storm on Friday night, with over 30 ladies traveling from as far afield as Leicester, Lancashire, Manchester, Derby, Leeds and even Brighton to attend the first ever girls skate jam in Sheffield.

Zeta Rush, Emma Richardson, Rianne Evans, Dani Mellor, Romy Haynes and Kirsty Tonner were a few of the familiar faces who shredded alongside the young guns like Freya Brooks, Lizy, Izzy, Lacey and also Rosie Dickinson, our youngest rider of the evening at just 7 years old!

Everyone absolutely smashed it despite the freezing conditions, as you can see from the edit below that Sidewalk kindly put together for us. Big up to Ben for filming, almost losing a few fingers due to frostbite in the process.

We will be popping the photo gallery from Sophie Cheetham up later on this evening so keep an eye out…

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Concrete Girls – Release Date September 2016

Originally posted on GIRL SKATE UK:

Concrete Girls – The first ‘All British Girl Skateboarding Photography book is due to be released the first week of September 2016 from OG skater Charlotte Thomas who will be independently funding and producing this project. £1 from every book sold will go to a Breast Cancer charity, something very personal to Charlotte.

The book will feature 50 top skaters from the UK plus photo’s to capture the whole of the British scene. Riders will include, Lucy Adams, Danni Gallacher, Stef Nurding, Rianne Evans, Georgie Winter, Maria Falbo, Kerri Dennis, Josie Millard, Helena Long, Sam Bruce amongst others.

Sidewalk, Dazed and Confused, Supra and House of Vans are already excited for this release with press releases and write ups over on their websites now.

Over the next 8 months you can follow Charlotte’s journey via instagram @concretegirls and @shotbycharlotte where you can see trip updates and behind the scene photos…

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Confessional: Jim Bates

Skateboarding Helped Jim Bates Battle Depression

Jim Bates (skateboarding, children’s book and fighting depression) featured on The Shetler Show podcast

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Days Like These Rider Profiles – Dora Horvath

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Today’s Days Like These Profiles is , Rogue Skateboards Team Rider from Hungary….Miss Dora Horvath!
All photos : Jenna Selby
Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?
As for a big movie this is my first part, had couple videos little edits where i had part in but that was ages ago.
How do you feel about being involved in the project?
Words can’t really describe my feeling but i guess i’m just super stoked to be part of it and feel pretty much appreciated that i could be part of it. This is a big thing for all of us which will be in the scene for a long time and many people (not only girls) are excited to see it.
Days Like These Images
Any good stories from filming missions that you care to share?
Was thinking about stories which happened during filming missions but there wasn’t…

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Originally posted on classicskateshop:

Hey friends, if you know anyone shopping for skaters this Holiday, you can’t miss out on Classic Skate Shop. We are having a huge Black Friday Sale from 9am – 8pm. Much better deals than online, higher quality products, and you are helping to support a local business. The shop is overstocked on everything for anyone who has a skate wish list. We are Reno’s only skater owned shop and would very much appreciate if you would spread the word. Keep away from the mall or online sales. None of those guys give back to our small skate community. They just take. Thank you for your support, Keep it Classic!
677 South Virginia Street in the same building as Aces Tattoo.156.jpgBLACK-FRIDAY-1940-5.jpg

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bae: andrew edge

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He would have gotten us at that very first line on that famous banked walls spot in Atlanta, but Andrew Edge had a lot more to offer.

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Days Like These Rider Profile – Camilla Mullins

Originally posted on GIRL SKATE UK:

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting these rider profiles! A minor appendectomy has set me back a week but I’m back in business and the first of our profiles from none other than Camilla Mullins sets us off!


Questions by Lucy Adams..

Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?

Yes, this has been the first full video part I have worked on. Generally in the past I have filmed mini parts or just communal sections etc.

How do you feel about being involved in the project?
I was absolutely stoked to be asked by Jenna to be a part of this. We have all probably seen As If And What a few times and it’s great feeling to know that I too have been given the opportunity to maybe inspire other young girls to get into skating or even maybe just psych someone up…

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Confessional: Michael Christie (@mrmikechristie)

Skateboarding, mental illness and happy endings

NY Times: If I Fall I Die article

If I Fall I Die on Amazon

Official website

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HUF’s “Stoops USA Tour” Video

Originally posted on dopeminds.com:

The Summer Tour has become a lost tradition in skateboarding, but we joined forces with the HUF squad to cover as much ground in the USA as possible. Hot temps, hot crew, nothing but good times.

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Watch Tony Hawk skate the world’s first-ever horizontal loop

Originally posted on For The Win:

Tony Hawk dreamed up a challenge and Sony helped turn it into a reality. Behold the horizontal loop — believed to be the first-ever of its kind, says the 47-year-old skater.

In the video he says before attempting to tackle the loop, he had no idea what he was doing. He posted a couple of his fails on Instagram. This, per the caption, is his 12th try.

Ouch. It’s impressive his body can still take a beating like that, especially considering Hawk started skating at 9 years old. Thirty eight years and he’s going as hard as ever.

Eventually, he nails it.

tony hawk

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