Skateboard Competition by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

2 Sep

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Skateboard Competition 1of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 2of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 3of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 4of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 5of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 6of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 7of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 8of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 9of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 10of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 11of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 12of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

Skateboard Competition 13of13 by ProBoards at Halifax Commons

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Vendor Files: Bronx Fashion Week

2 Sep

Originally posted on Firelina (the blog):

The first ever Bronx Fashion Week will be here in a few days.  The festivities start on Friday, September 5th and end on Sunday, September 7th and are being held at the Andrew Freedman Mansion on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.  On each day, Bronx Fashion week will host a free business, fashion and beauty expos and ticketed VIP networking parties and runway fashion showcases.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Firelina will be participating in Saturday’s free expo from 10am to 4pm.  


Also on Saturday, there will be a skateboard competition open to the public.  A few skaters will be modeling Firelina tees. Come down and see us if you can!




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I Used To Skate Once 10 (2014)

2 Sep

Originally posted on Against the grain:


In June I was part of the 10th year of The Outpost’s I Used To Skate Once exhibition. This was my contribution to that show. I was asked a few times if the words on the deck were laser-cut. No, they were all hand carved by me. Still I took the question as a compliment.


If you look for any kind of meaning in my (carved) thoughts, it’s that you can’t always take life to seriously… remember to go outside and play, enjoy and have some fun.

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Setagaya Skatepark

2 Sep Featured Image -- 1945

Originally posted on Skateboarding Japan:

Setagaya Skatepark, Ikejiri Ohashi 

Hey guys,

Here’s one of my favourite little skateparks to shred!

Setagaya skatepark is located in Setagaya park with easy access from either Ikejiri Ohashi or Sangenjaya stations.

It’s free to skate, no helmets required, painted,smooth and with a range of things to rip on. Also there’s a little street section with a nice curved ledge, manny pad, and vert bank.

All the crew that skate there are really cool and friendly and cool to chill with after a skate with some beers.

Suited to all levels this park is great for beginners but you mad dog guys who wanna go big and hit stairs and rails I recommend Miyashita or Nike park in Shibuya.

Check out more of our stuff here!



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Best gifts 2014: Tail and Nose Bookends by Skate-Home

30 Aug Featured Image -- 1943

Originally posted on Best Gifts 2014 Edition:

Tail and Nose Bookends by Skate-HomeTail and Nose Bookends by Skate-HomeBookend made with part of the tail and nose of the skateboard.
Weight: 3.4kg
(Length x xWidth x Height cm): 54 x 22.5 x 23.5
Check out Tail and Nose Bookends by Skate-Home at its original source.

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ShopYourWorld’s Best Seller: RipStik “G” Grind Caster Board

30 Aug

Originally posted on

For many of you, Castor Board is some kind of ordinary skateboard usually used by foreign teens, and for some it’s an uncharted word that needs a quick Google search. So, before we start boasting about the RipStik “G” Grind Caster Board, one of the best sellers of ShopYourWorld in India, let us get the basics right!

What is a Caster Board?


The Caster board is a two-wheeled human powered land vehicle that is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. That’s because this hybrid board has two narrow platforms called decks, that you put your feet on have wheels underneath that steers independently of each other for super smooth grinds. This carving sensation is designed to be ridden on almost any type of pavement – from flat land, streets, smooth or paved surfaces to even sloping hills. You might take a little while to get used to it, but…

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Amie Sheppard on Women’s Longboarding

29 Aug Featured Image -- 1932

Originally posted on She Can Shred:

At the end of July we posted Spread the Stoke: A Longboard Love a Documentry about the world of longboarding and early this month we were able to chat with the filmmaker, Amie Sheppard all about it.

Amie Sheppard

Is there a big gender gap between men and women in longboarding?

In terms of numbers yes, in terms of skill not so much. Elena Corrigall and Anna O’Neill beat boys on the daily in Open categories. However, we are greatly outnumbered by the boys. The Canadian and American female skate scene is widely spread out and we often only get to skate together at events. For the female skate scene to grow, community level and outlaw events need to provide Women’s categories so girls learning are able to progress together. Fact is that most boys have at least 3 years of skate experience and 30 lbs on us. Our bodies are different. We skate…

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Saltspring Slasher 2014 Pt. 2

29 Aug

Originally posted on South Island Skate:

untitled shootJuly 12, 2014-47

Johnny Yardwaste getting frisky with Mack Wacey. The moments after this were hilarious.

untitled shootJuly 12, 2014-59

Toight skating with Danny and James from Interior BC, Mack Wacey close behind, and is that Spencer Smith?

untitled shootJuly 12, 2014-98

Islanders getting their runs. Nick Jean with the classic standup-drift in front, Lukas Ziman and Browntown following up.

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29 Aug

Originally posted on Snap Back Skateboarding:

I’ve noticed! the older you get the more your muscles need to be stretched. Yes, I know I should’ve known this a long time ago as well. What I have noticed is by stretching before skating my muscles seem to tense up a little bit more than not stretching before. I decided that I was going to start stretching after my sesh’s to see if that made a difference.

After about 8 days of stretching after skateboarding, there is a huge difference in how my legs feel when skateboarding they feel more loose. The muscle I’ve built over the last few weeks of skateboarding have been incredible they feel stronger. Although I need to work on my belly as well, I believe once I start skating ledges and rails that should start to go as well.

As of now 8/27/2012 I’ve been going every other day skateboarding letting my injury…

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Landslide Park Series Skateboarding Edit

29 Aug Featured Image -- 1925

Originally posted on Landslide Park Series :


Landslide Park Series Final Competition

Thanks you.

and Competitors.

Competition Music By:
White Asian Sonic Disco

Filmed and Edited By:
Andrew Guisgand

Competition Filmer:
Mike Turner

Recorded By:

Music By:
La Cerveza

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