Gabriel Viking for Warriors skateboards : welcome video – SWEDEN

17 Sep

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Gabriel Viking for Warriors skateboards
The 14 years old Swedish skater Gabriel “Gabbe” Viking is the new member to the Warriors Family. Here is the Warrior skateboards welcome clip!

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Longboard skating on Table Mountain

13 Sep

Originally posted on Brendon Bosworth:

I have a friend I used to ride the Colorado skate parks with who always said “longboards are the wrong boards.” After eating some tarmac last year while trying out a friend’s board I wholeheartedly agreed with him and vowed to keep riding my street board only.

Here’s me eating it:

But this year I decided to give longboarding a second chance and bought a new set-up. I’ve been cruising with my good friend Shaun and we’ve been finding some magic up on Table Mountain. I made a short film about our endeavours. No face plants this time.

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Why the long face?

13 Sep

Originally posted on Waterbased:

longboarding, longboarding girl, longboard, sector9
gold casio watch, surf style, topshop accessories

If this post had a backing soundtrack it would be: ‘Don’t take it Personal (Just one of Dem Days)’ ‘ by Monica. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this song, it goes something like this: ‘It’s just one of dem dayz, That a girl goes through, When I’m angry inside, Don’t want to take it out on you’ quite a few times in a havon of melodic notes. Actually if you aren’t familiar with this song then educate yourself.

And boy sometimes I do get one of dem dayz, you know…that a girl goes through. I mean the song is a bit cryptic but I imagine it’s like one of dem dayz you wish you hadn’t overindulged on leafy greens. Or you’re not 100% sure you turned your GHD’s off but you’ve walked too far to go back and check. Or maybe more commonly, you’ve come to…

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Awesome Skateboard Tricks

13 Sep

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Skateboard in slow motion

13 Sep

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While I’m no big skater myself (as in I have no idea how to skate), I do like to watch the videos. Especially when they look this awesome.

(H/T Sploid)

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13 Sep

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10 Sep

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looks like a skateboard comedy!!!….a masquerade, but come on, the line up is impressive and the soundtrack awesome! Bill Danforth mongo pushin!

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Skate Bro Smashes Head Off Pavement, Proclaims, “I love helmets!”

10 Sep Featured Image -- 1994

Originally posted on The Big Lead:

This is a modern skateboard bro right here. And as Cardillo would have said back in his youth riding longboards on the Connecticut boardwalk, this was “a gnarly wipe-out.” Luckily, he was wearing a helmet to protect his glorious hair. He loves helmets, but that protective t-shirt deserves some credit too.

skateboarder busts ass, is saved by helmet

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Awesome Dog

10 Sep

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I wanna know where I fuckin get one of these. This is the coolest dog on the face of the planet. It skateboards, smokes, AND drinks wine?!?!

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Best gifts 2014: ZBoard Classic Electric Skateboard

10 Sep Featured Image -- 1990

Originally posted on Best Gifts 2014 Edition:

ZBoard Classic Electric SkateboardZBoard Classic Electric SkateboardThe ZBoard is the world?s first weight-sensing electric skateboard. To ride you simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop. No controller necessary. With a top speed of 17 mph and a range of 5 miles per charge, the ZBoard Classic is an awesome way to get around.
The Weight-Sensing…Check out ZBoard Classic Electric Skateboard at its original source.

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