Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word

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It’s official Dusters and Dwindle distribution have launched Cindy Whitehead’s new line of cruiser board.  Cindy is famously known for sticking it to the boys in the 1960’s when girls could compete on equal terms with the boys.  She rocked on vert and went pro skating pool and half pipe during the 70’s.  Cindy os extremely passionate when it comes to the future of skateboarding and believes females have a strong place in this growing market.  Her message is a simple one, to make products which support the shape and fit of a female.  Cindy will be donating all of her profits to Girls Riders Organisation GRO. For more information visit


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Car Hits 15-Year-Old Skateboarder Crossing Street In Fremont

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FREMONT (CBS SF) — A 15-year-old boy suffered major injuries when a car hit him on Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont Monday evening, a police sergeant said.

The boy was on his skateboard crossing Paseo Padre Parkway at Baylis Street near Lake Elizabeth around 4:50 p.m. when he was struck by a Toyota sedan traveling north, Fremont police Sgt. Paul McCormick said.

The woman driving the car stayed at the scene and was cooperative.

The boy was transported to a trauma center for treatment of injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening, according to

Paseo Padre Parkway was blocked in both directions between Grimmer Boulevard and Mission View Drive until about 9:30 p.m.

The cause of the collision remains under investigation.

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Why Do You Skate?

28 Jul

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After my car broke down I had to catch the train to and from work. Instead of walking, I take my Z-flex and I skateboard from the train stop to and from work. It’s pretty cool because I’m wearing a business casual work combination of chinos, a button up, a tie, and some loafers skateboarding through the Compton Towne Center parking lot. Although my car is now working, I’m not driving to work (at least to this job) any more. The stress of traffic and the “I don’t know where I’m going” navigation style of other drivers isn’t worth the meager pay I make at work for me to drive there any more. In a way, it’s a good thing my car broke down. I’m saving money by catching the train, I’m doing a big one for the environment by not driving my dead dinosaur juice drinking machine back and…

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A Whole New Style of Skateboarding

28 Jul

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#tomvrab skater throwback

20 Jul

From Tom’s instagram:

Hope you’re feeling better, Tom! We miss you! <3


More of Vrab skating:

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13 Jul

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Longboarders taking to London’s roads

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Originally posted on Metro News:

How London treats different forms of transportation is a topic that never drops out of the public eye.

But, as cars, buses and bikes all jostle for space on the roads, the City of London has been looking into another eco-friendly way of getting around, and this one’s unusual in some circles.

Longboarding is like skateboarding but a lot more serious.

Skateboards are for tricks, said enthusiast and city staffer Chris Gosnell, but longboards are for transportation. He’s part of a team, in partnership with YFC London, that’s been leading six weeks of longboarding lessons for kids in Argyle.

“It’s an opportunity to learn how to operate a longboard safely and understand the dos and don’ts of what it is to be riding safely,” Gosnell said, “Whether that’s in their own neighbourhood on the sidewalk, or on the street.”

Yes, the street.

Longboards are street-legal in London. Although bylaws vary…

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Street League 2014: LA Tickets On Sale Now – YouTube

28 Jun


Rachet Rap – SF Skateboarding – Jabari Pendleton – YouTube

28 Jun

26 Jun

I just wanted everyone to know that from now on I will not be reposting from several times a day.  I will still be blogging and reblogging here, but it is actually so much easier for me to have an online newspaper.  I have two: one strictly for indy wrestling, and one that is based off of my website,  It is called “Blossom to Binary”.  It’s everything I am interested in that you see me post here, but it is soooo much less time consuming.  I am a single mother who’s kid is growing like a weed, as they tend to do, and I am also a caretaker to my daugher, who has non-verbal Autism.

I love sharing all the topics I find interesting and have people respond to it, but I also need to focus on my writing, which I will discuss in my personal blog:

And also my review blog:

where I will now be reviewing various books from


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