Long Lost Days Of Summer

21 Aug

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30 year-old skateboardsThis last weekend Bade and I went to a family reunion for his mom’s side of the family. While there, Bade, one of his brothers, and myself were able to slip away and head to a skate park where Bade and his brother hopped on their skateboards for the first time in (Bade’s estimate) 7 years. They were pretty good regardless of the fact that they are both in their 30’s and haven’t ‘surfed the bowl’ in years :).

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‘The Journey Of The Beasts’ by Sebastian Linda

20 Aug

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This is probably one of the best skateboarding videos/short films that I’ve seen so far. An absolute must watch.

Props to Sebastian Linda for putting this together.

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Best gifts 2014: Simpsons Bart Cruzer Skateboard by Santa Cruz

20 Aug Featured Image -- 1908

Originally posted on Best Gifts 2014 Edition:

Simpsons Bart Cruzer Skateboard by Santa CruzSimpsons Bart Cruzer Skateboard by Santa CruzFor 20 years now you?ve dreamed of owning the same skateboard as your favorite TV rebel, Bart Simpson. Well, stop rubbing your geneie lamp, because your dreams have finally come true, and it?s all thanks to Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Simpsons Bart Model Complete Longboard Skateboard…Check out Simpsons Bart Cruzer Skateboard by Santa Cruz at its original source.

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Jalen does the 2 truck

20 Aug Featured Image -- 1903

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Have you met Jalen? He can grind all kinds of spots. Steep hubbas with rails on them, super long chunky hubbas, and grates in ditches that you can fall through and destroy your shins (sorry for making you do it twice bubba.)

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Pin-up Skateboard

15 Aug Featured Image -- 1900

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Sorry for the crappy IPhone 4 quality image but I’m starting my Pin-up girl skateboards! I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a series of these and start my own local skateboard business

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It’s A Race For Shawn Mendes vs. Austin Mahone In An All-New #TourLife — Watch Now!

15 Aug Featured Image -- 1897

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austin mahoneIt’s time for another all-new #TourLife with Austin Mahone! In this brand-new episode, a race is under way between Austin and Shawn Mendes as they find out which is better: a skateboard or a Segway. Not only that, but we get to see the guys get their groove on for National Dance Day and a shirtless Austin as a bonus!

Check out the awesome video below and let us know your favorite part of #TourLife!

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1 Aug

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Pretty sure you don’t know about Sam but sure you know his style…He’s part of an obscure skate group these days, any guess?

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Blue Skies with Lucy

1 Aug

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the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.

Photos by me, mid June.

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Two Rivers Skatepark in Nashville

1 Aug Featured Image -- 1884

Originally posted on The Yeti Adventure:

I have to admit I really slacked off here. I didn’t take a video and not near enough pictures. It’s a great skatepark and I showed up in the evening then camped out for the night. I skated the entire next day and wore myself out, it felt great.

This dude rode up on a motorcycle and we talked for a while, he tried real hard to talk me into taking him with me. That seems to happen quite a bit when I’m meeting people along the way.


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Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word

29 Jul Featured Image -- 1881

Originally posted on Tailor Your Sportswear:

It’s official Dusters and Dwindle distribution have launched Cindy Whitehead’s new line of cruiser board.  Cindy is famously known for sticking it to the boys in the 1960’s when girls could compete on equal terms with the boys.  She rocked on vert and went pro skating pool and half pipe during the 70’s.  Cindy os extremely passionate when it comes to the future of skateboarding and believes females have a strong place in this growing market.  Her message is a simple one, to make products which support the shape and fit of a female.  Cindy will be donating all of her profits to Girls Riders Organisation GRO. For more information visit http://www.girlisnota4letterword.com


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