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bae: andrew edge

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He would have gotten us at that very first line on that famous banked walls spot in Atlanta, but Andrew Edge had a lot more to offer.

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Days Like These Rider Profile – Camilla Mullins

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Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting these rider profiles! A minor appendectomy has set me back a week but I’m back in business and the first of our profiles from none other than Camilla Mullins sets us off!


Questions by Lucy Adams..

Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?

Yes, this has been the first full video part I have worked on. Generally in the past I have filmed mini parts or just communal sections etc.

How do you feel about being involved in the project?
I was absolutely stoked to be asked by Jenna to be a part of this. We have all probably seen As If And What a few times and it’s great feeling to know that I too have been given the opportunity to maybe inspire other young girls to get into skating or even maybe just psych someone up…

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Confessional: Michael Christie (@mrmikechristie)

Skateboarding, mental illness and happy endings

NY Times: If I Fall I Die article

If I Fall I Die on Amazon

Official website

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HUF’s “Stoops USA Tour” Video

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The Summer Tour has become a lost tradition in skateboarding, but we joined forces with the HUF squad to cover as much ground in the USA as possible. Hot temps, hot crew, nothing but good times.

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Watch Tony Hawk skate the world’s first-ever horizontal loop

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Tony Hawk dreamed up a challenge and Sony helped turn it into a reality. Behold the horizontal loop — believed to be the first-ever of its kind, says the 47-year-old skater.

In the video he says before attempting to tackle the loop, he had no idea what he was doing. He posted a couple of his fails on Instagram. This, per the caption, is his 12th try.

Ouch. It’s impressive his body can still take a beating like that, especially considering Hawk started skating at 9 years old. Thirty eight years and he’s going as hard as ever.

Eventually, he nails it.

tony hawk

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Arvin Action Park skates towards approval

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The city council voted to fund the construction of a new skate park in Arvin, after over 40 youth advocated for it, saying the park will benefit the entire community. “The skate park isn’t just a park for a certain group of people or kids, I really think that it can eventually have an impact on the environment of the entire city.” The story is on South Kern Sol.


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Historical Thursday: The Rise and Fall of Gator

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Miles Silvas’ “1947” Part

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The beauty of street skating is that there are no rules. No official guidelines for what makes something great. However, when all the stars align you get Miles Silvas, a once in generation talent we can all appreciate. Sit back and enjoy the show.


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Converse Concrete Jam and TWS Best Trick Video | TransWorld SKATEboarding

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Last nights Converse Concrete Jam and TWS Best Trick over the door gap got rowdy! Insane stunts were going down left and right with near misses, until a heavy collision finally went down. Pedro Delfino and Scotty Laird knocked each other out, Pedro having to leave via an ambulance. Both dudes are okay thankfully. The show went on with Dylan Witkin (five-0 across the top gapping out to the lower quarterpipe) winning the jam and Evandro Martins (backside tailslide shove-it) winning our

Best Trick!

Converse Concrete Jam Results:
1. Dylan Witkin
2. Evandro Martins
3. Brian Upapong

TransWorld Door Gap Best Trick
1. Evandro Martins, backside tailslide shove-it.
2. Dylan Witkin, five-0 off the end.
3. Oskar Rozenberg, backside 360.



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I Predicted Skateboarding’s future in 2006

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If you have been around long enough you have a shit load of electronic devices like laptops, phones, computers, digital cameras or storage USB thingies, all holding your uploaded past. I unearthed my old ass hard drives and laptops to excavate the skateboarding stuff I documented (like 1999-2009). So a good way to start  is an essay I wrote for a college class about the globalization of skateboarding in 2006. I seriously wrote this for a college class. CLICK CLACK HERE FOR READ——-> globalripping


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