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18 Apr



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18 Apr



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#skateboarding made simple vol. 2

18 Apr


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Let Us Roam: Arto Saari

17 Apr

Originally posted on Push It A Stop:


Arto speaks the truth about a career in front of the lens coming full-circle to a passion behind the lens.

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Switching it up

15 Apr

Originally posted on North Island Skating:

So it’s sadly been a little while since I’ve updated this blog… oops. Lately Seever and I have been skating as much as possible and it’s been rad! Yesterday we woke up and saw that the sun was shining, so we drove out to hit Slug Slayer (The dump road), a twist jagged road that’ll get you up to about 65 km/h. It was our first time doing anything like that in a while so it was a ton of fun! I drove Seever up to the top of the hill for his first run and told him to get out and grab his lid, gloves and board, and then I drove and parked off to the side in the middle of the hill and waited to see how he would do with it. I wish I filmed it. I remember watching him coming around the corner with a total…

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WATCH: West Vancouver Police officer confronts group of longboarders

15 Apr Featured Image -- 1249

Originally posted on Global News:

West Vancouver Police say they are aware of concerns being expressed on social media after a video of a confrontation between an officer and a group of longboarders went viral.

The video, posted Sunday by Danny Carlson, shows two longboarders heading down a steep hill on Finch Hill Road last Wednesday, filmed from a camera mounted on the third longboarder.

[tp_video id=1270206]

In the video, the group rounds a corner where they are met by a West Vancouver Police undercover cruiser with its lights flashing. All of the longboarders fall to the ground in an apparent attempt to avoid the cruiser.

The man in the video tells the officer: “It’s definitely the most dangerous thing I’ve been involved in.”

The unidentified officer responds “All I did was slam on my brakes, [inaudible] fricken’ longboarders.”

The man says “You twerked in front of our lane,” before being interrupted by the officer who says…

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Throwback: Jibe Longboards

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Originally posted on The Daily Wax:

This was an interview i did for another great project I am involved in called Influence . Funny enough I am now involved with Jibe Longboards too…one thing leads to another in life and I am so fortunate to always have a lot of change surrounding me. Happy reading and don´t stop riding!


How I succeed is an ongoing blog series that gives you the story straight from the horse’s mouth. This is where Influence gets up close and personal with accomplished entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We bring you an insight to all aspects of being an entrepreneur, from the business perspective to the more personal details of their journey.

In this first article of the series you can read about Alexander Bengtsen, the founder of Jibe Longboards. Jibe has had an extremely adventurous year. In 2013 the company has successfully launched a web shop as well as…

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FISE WORLD Montpellier 2014 – FRANCE

15 Apr

Originally posted on Skate Agenda:

48 fise world montpellier 2014
From the 28th May to the 1st of June in Montpellier will be held the 18th Edition of The FISE WORLD Montpellier . An event that brings together during 5 days the best riders in the world, competing in 25 differents competitions: skateboarding, inline, bmx, mountain bike and wakeboard, pro & amateur. This Event is free for the spectators, and the competition is open to the professional and to the teenagers with the “junior” and “amateur” cathegory, which makes this competition unique. More than 400.000 spectators are present each year on the “Berges du Lez”.

more info HERE

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Antiz skateboards : GREECE TOUR video – FRANCE

15 Apr

Originally posted on Skate Agenda:

Antiz skateboards greece trip
The french skateboards company Antiz skateboards  was in Greece for a trip and here is the video of the tour.
riders: Remy Taveira, Teemu Pirinen , Samu Karvonen,Sam Partaix, Julien Bachelier, Julian Furones, Dominik Dietrich, Roland Hirsch,Peter Molec and more…

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She Shredder: Michigan’s Female Downhill Skateboarder

13 Apr

Originally posted on Lindsay Dymond:

Loryn Roberson is a professional downhill skateboarder sponsored by Action Board Sports. She is the only female professional in Michigan and has traveled around the U.S. and overseas longboarding. As a senior public relations student at Central Michigan University, Roberson has turned her passion for skateboarding into a career. She is currently interning with Action Board Sports and aspires to continue with public relations in the skate industry.

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