A Guide to Longboarding

22 Oct

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Oh look at me, I’m so fancy on my longboard. Gosh aren’t I just the coolest. Says my internal monologue – Never.

It’s the same when people talk about surfing. Yeah in my mind I look the real deal but in reality, you look less like beach babezzz and more like a wet animal stuffed into a sausage casing. Sometimes I get into conversations with people who are like ‘oh you can longboard’ and I’ll skirt around the subject like ‘sorry what was that? I’m sort of deaf in my right and left ear’. Or if I’m on a date with them this is usually my cue to dive in for the pash to avoid having to really answer that at all.

You see, I have mastered longboarding. I have mastered it in that I can get from A to B – without falling off. And sometimes not even that.

I’ll break…

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Should skateboarding be allowed on sidewalks?

21 Oct

Originally posted on The Argument of (Nearly) Everything:

As I was surfing the waves of the internet (yes I just said that) I found a debate that seemed rather silly: should skateboarding be allowed? As an avid skateboarder (well, ripstick actually) I would say absolutely! Would you rather us skateboarders riding in the road? In front of your car? Some people would say that skateboarding is a danger to pedestrians. Technically, skateboarders are pedestrians!! This one was absolutely one-sided, but try to change my mind anyway if you wish.

Okay, so maybe that one was an excuse to get me to post. I just wanted to say hi, and also that I will be posting every 3-4 days instead of the original “Sunday and Wednesday.” Running a blog, especially one that is based on facts, is tough work! I was used to blabbing about my summer, and my life, and that’s about it. But now I have to…

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Just Skateboardin’ On A Sunday In The ALPS

21 Oct Featured Image -- 2026

Originally posted on 1025 KSFM:

(Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

Ahhhh… I’m speechless on this one. I just couldn’t pull myself away from watching this, with the thought of, “These foo’s goin’ hella fast, I wonder how they gone stop or if they gonna fall’. Well… If you wanna know the answer, check it out… It’s pretty dope!!  Just a lil skateboarding in the ALPS! #AllGasNoBreaks

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My Beautiful Wheels

21 Oct

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Me, myself & I transporting through Hyde Park

In London you see all types of Wheels, often outside Harrods you get the Bugatti, Ferarri, Aston Martin type of rich wheels. Riding through the parks, those bikes that all have the same name ” Boris” … The red buses dashing up Regents Street, the Tuk Tuks tucking the tourists around Soho. Wheel barrows holding fruit and veg in the east end, antiques in Notting Hill and coats in Petticoat lane.

My Wheels consist of four, one Pink, one blue, one yellow and one black with a piece of red wood, my baby, my prized possession – my skate board.

I find myself skating to work most mornings, either waking up slightly hung over or extremely tired, I take the same route, down the smooth pavements, past ITV News, I look left and the same man in the same cafe is smoking…

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Skate Invaders x Osns // Bm2014 feat Blowfly

20 Sep

Originally posted on Skate Invaders:

BOOM BOARDMEETING WEEK OSNS WAS INSANE!!!!!    Big thanks to Longboard Haven for hosting the Friday movie, comet skate boards for having a movie, switchback for bringing the funk and blow fly for fucking your mom.   Skate for fun!!

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Peak Performance for Skateboarders (are you the next Tony Hawk?)

18 Sep Featured Image -- 2011

Originally posted on Fizzique:

Training for a sport is only half of your success when you’re into extreme sports. Nowadays athletes are turning to fitness to improve their skills. Functional training (a style of training which mimics the movements from your sport) is extremely crucial when mastering your craft and something you must figure out before beginning any type of routine. When you start any training program always get confirmation from your family doctor and make sure you understand what movements your sport demands.

Skateboarding is a sport that has been around for over 20 years and is not showing any signs of fading. Whether you participate recreational or compete it is a great mode of transportation and method to keep in shape. It beats sitting in front of the T.V. any day.   To train functionally for skateboarding you should be looking at core, power and strength exercises. Core exercises will assist with stability…

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Isamu Yamamoto: The 11 Year Old Rodney Mullen

18 Sep

Originally posted on DUB ShiBBy Productions:

When I saw a video clip of this kid floating around Facebook I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Immediately I was reminded of the Albert Shredstein of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen. The tech tricks involving so much creativity and skill, which only a handful of people in the world are doing. The thing is, is that this kid is…. well a KID. These two videos show what this little Japanese shredgnar is all about. Kid has some Shibby in him for sure. Watch this and get inspired.

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Gabriel Viking for Warriors skateboards : welcome video – SWEDEN

17 Sep

Originally posted on Skate Agenda:

Gabriel Viking for Warriors skateboards
The 14 years old Swedish skater Gabriel “Gabbe” Viking is the new member to the Warriors Family. Here is the Warrior skateboards welcome clip!

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Longboard skating on Table Mountain

13 Sep

Originally posted on Brendon Bosworth:

I have a friend I used to ride the Colorado skate parks with who always said “longboards are the wrong boards.” After eating some tarmac last year while trying out a friend’s board I wholeheartedly agreed with him and vowed to keep riding my street board only.

Here’s me eating it:

But this year I decided to give longboarding a second chance and bought a new set-up. I’ve been cruising with my good friend Shaun and we’ve been finding some magic up on Table Mountain. I made a short film about our endeavours. No face plants this time.

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Why the long face?

13 Sep

Originally posted on Waterbased:

longboarding, longboarding girl, longboard, sector9
gold casio watch, surf style, topshop accessories

If this post had a backing soundtrack it would be: ‘Don’t take it Personal (Just one of Dem Days)’ ‘ by Monica. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this song, it goes something like this: ‘It’s just one of dem dayz, That a girl goes through, When I’m angry inside, Don’t want to take it out on you’ quite a few times in a havon of melodic notes. Actually if you aren’t familiar with this song then educate yourself.

And boy sometimes I do get one of dem dayz, you know…that a girl goes through. I mean the song is a bit cryptic but I imagine it’s like one of dem dayz you wish you hadn’t overindulged on leafy greens. Or you’re not 100% sure you turned your GHD’s off but you’ve walked too far to go back and check. Or maybe more commonly, you’ve come to…

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