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Skatepark Saturday: Avalon (NJ) Skatepark

Skatepark Saturday: Avalon (NJ) Skatepark

29th St. and Avalon st, Avalon NJ 08202
Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to Dusk
Sunday Noon to Dusk

Skatepark Saturday: The Bridge Skatepark – Bayonne, NJ

Skatepark Saturday: The Bridge Skatepark – Bayonne, NJ

9 Gertrude St, Bayonne, NJ 07002
(201) 357-2886

Monday: 12 — 10 P.M. (half price) Tuesday: 12 P.M. — 12 A.M. (bikes only) Wednesday: 1 – 11 P.M.Thursday: 12 P.M. — 12 A.M. (bikes only) Friday: 12 P.M. — 1 A.M. Saturday: 12 P.M. — 1 A.M.Sunday: 12— 10 P.M.

open until 3 A.M. on the first Friday of every month.

Beginner skate lessons are $40 per hour. Sign up for four lessons for $130.  NO AGE LIMIT. ANYONE IS WELCOME.

Excellent Students

Originally posted on Live with Me:

Perfectly executed ollie during the most imperfect time. This is NOT what good students do during school… they should wait to skate until AFTER school.

Second Image

Beautiful representation of Autumnal color. Gorgeous picture of a barn hiding behind two stubbed trees.

Third Image:

Unbelievably structured sand beaches. Bird’s eye view of this magnificent jetty/ waterway.

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Quarterly report

Quarterly report

Originally posted on not2old2sk8's Blog:

Happy spring people!  So glad winter is over.  It has been a loong time since my last post.  I am pleased to report that I am still skating, if anyone cares.  However, when I started this blog it was because I followed two other bloggers here that were about my age and wrote about their love for skating, how they practiced, difficulties they faced as middle-aged skaters and the progress they made.  I found their blogs to be a huge inspiration to me.  It provided some validation that I wasn’t completely crazy ( or at least not the only crazy one) and that it was possible to relearn and progress at skateboarding as an adult. Unfortunately, they have both stopped writing, and I for one, have definitely missed their posts.  Ancient and Recognizer, I hope you are both well and spending too much time skating to blog – without any…

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Case of the Mondays: Nocturnal Skate Shop

533 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 922-3177


Mon-Sat 12PM-8PM
Sun 12PM-5PM

Skatepark Saturday: Black Diamond Skate Park

Black Diamond Skate Park

    • Monday to Saturday
    • 10am – 9:30pm
    • Sunday
    • 11am – 7pm

My Autism Month Indiegogo Campaign

I have a campaign in honor of Autism Awareness Month:

Support Parents of Autistic Children

All proceeds will go straight to Parents Of Autistic Children (in New Jersey).  I have 60 days to raise $500 (US) dollars, but any amount I manage to collect will be a help.

Please reblog, retweet, share on Facebook etc. to get the word out!



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